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Dear Vietnamese people;

Dear members of the National Assembly of Vietnam;

Dear Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh - Chief Justice of the People's Court of Vietnam;

I am Luong Vinh Kim, a lawyer and member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association. At the same time, I am also an entrepreneur, working in the field of printing - publishing books for about nearly 20 years. But now, I have had to stop my business, bargain away machines, painfully break up with the workers who had been with my business for many years in order to put all my time and energies into making these videos, presenting andclarifying the extremely absurd and injustice judgments that People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City has imposed on my own business.

This is the C1100 machine that I was tricked into buying. I had to buy it with 3 billion 409 million VND, but it cannot work and cannot be sold to anyone. Now, I  must cover and put it at 474 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 2, District 3, HCMC, to wait for justice. Here are the two verdicts statements with conflicting results:

Verdict No. 439/2016 / KDTM-ST dated April 19, 2016, of the People's Court of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City declared the contract invalid, forcing Konica Minolta Vietnam Company and Sao Nam Trading - Consulting - Technology Co., Ltd. to take back the machine and have a joint responsibility to return my money. On the other hand, this is verdict No. 1106/2016 / KDTM-PT dated September 22, 2016, of HCMC People's Courts, contradicting the earlierverdict: the contract is not invalid. As a result of this appellate judgment, I lost 3 billion 409 million VND to hold this machine - no password to run the machine, no ink, supplies and spare parts, no technical service. Therefore, this machine also cannot operate and cannot be sold to anyone. And, Konica Minolta Vietnam Company and Sao Nam Company cannot take back this machine – one of the two machines that they sold to me yetlater  admitted that it was their mistake selling them to me and hired attorney Bui Quang Nghiem to negotiate a recall of both machines, including this C1100, with a suggestion that I have to keep secret about the recall of these two machines. 

Why is this case substantial enough for me to dissolve my business and embark on this journey to bring awareness and justice?

I am so obsessed with this unfair verdict that I no longer mind to run my business or do anything else. From the depth of my soul, I was urged, at all costs, to face this injustice because:

•    First of all, I'm a lawyer. According to Article 3 of the Law on Lawyers, I have an obligation to contribute to the protection of justice. If I don't protect justice for myself, I can't protect justice for others; If I do not protect my legal rights and interests under the law, I cannot protect the legal rights and interests of others under the law. Either I'm ignorant of the law, lackinglegal knowledge; or the law has not been enforced properly and we have no justice. If this is the case, I should not be a lawyer or practice law because if I continue to be a lawyer or practice laws, I will deceive clients, others,and my people – which brings shame and contradicts to my life goal, unworthy of those who have raised me, took care of me and sacrificed for me to study well, have enough knowledge and courage to face this injustice. Furthermore, I have a very special position and very special conditions to fight this injustice case. I am an insider –a great potential customer, willing to engage in long-term business with Vietnam Konica Minolta Company and Sao Nam Company yet was tricked and damaged by them - so I understand how they cheated on me. At the same time, I am also a lawyer, who has undergone inspection and supervision andhas many years doing legal and economic research, writing books andnewspapers, working as editors, tasks that demand great command of words and laws. I couldn't possibly conclude that Vietnam Konica Minolta Company and Sao Nam Company have cheated on me if I did not carefully and thoroughly verify and examine all evidences and documents. When I discovered signs of economic and technical abnormalities showing their deceit, I quietly investigated and collected very elaborate and expensive evidence. I asked people to disguise as different customers to get their false quotes. While I was in great economic hardship, I still spent 1 billion 289 million to buy an additional C1100 – exactly similar to the machine I was tricked into buying with the price of 3 billion 409 million VND – as evidence, before sending a report denouncing deceit.

            Dear members of the National Assembly, Dear Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh - Chief Justice of the People's Court. For the majority of Vietnamese people, 3409 million VND is a great fortune. Losing large amounts of money like this, people can fall into total bankruptcy, dissolving their houses, piling up debts, and receiving great many possible consequences. More importantly, an unjustjudgment will leave people with hatred. More than anyone, insiders must understand how that injustice has taken place. Their families, their relatives and those around them also knew the injustice. They no longer believe in court, no longer believe in justice. They will resist that injustice accordingly to their circumstances and conditions, can be silently, can beopenly; yet they will fightwith a greater and more intense strength than ever because they know justice is on their side. So do I, dear Chief Justice of the People's Court, Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh, I swear against this unfair verdict at all costs, in my own way.

This case relates to the reputation of the Vietnamese press, to the brand names of a number of Vietnamese and foreign businesses, including two law firms, LNT Law Firm & Members and Hop Danh Nghiem & Chinh Law Company, and to individuals Lawyer Bui Quang Nghiem and Lawyer Le Net.

We must clarify this case to return fairness and honor to the parties.

Vietnamese newspapers are circulating online articles of me and some reporters, exposing the frauds of Vietnam Konica Minolta Company and Sao Nam Company. On the other hand,Lawyer Le Net has sent documents to the Board. Central propaganda, Ministry of Information and Communications, denouncing me and Vietnamese newspapers for slandering the Vietnamese company Konica Minolta and their agents. Even Mr. Le Net sent a complaint letter to Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association asking me to "violate the moral rules and professional behavior of lawyers" yet till today, the Board The Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association is still confused, not answering me about the application of Lawyer Le Net. Clarifying this case, we will have the basis to conduct a review of disciplinary lawyers and prosecute criminal liability of grandparents and judges who have deliberately made illegal judgments like this

            This is a typical injustice case, containing many legal factors, with evidence documents collected quite fully. I have been diligently researching, arranging, presenting clearly with specific lessons, stored on the web and posted on a global network. Judges, lawyers, teachers, law school students, and interested people can download it for research, criticism or criticism. I am willing to answer all questions related to this case, from how it took place to issues related to economic and technical expertise and application of the law.

Please join me in fighting for justice. Please download these videos and attached documents to your devices to learn and share on a global scale in many different languages. I may encounter some unforeseen circumstances which could make meno longer able to continue to speak up for justice, but having the truth of this case  made public worldwide with sufficient evidence  is already enough to fulfill my wish. I believe that conscience and honor of Vietnamese people; especially the conscience and honor of the Japanese people will require the Japanese government and the Vietnamese Government to take responsibility with the judiciary, to clarify the truth of this case.

  • Dear Congress! We haverolled out the red carpet to invite foreign investors to cooperate, and at the same time, we have a fairly complete law system to protect the legitimate interests of Vietnamese people and businesses before the players' deceitful passage of some foreign corporations. Regretfully, some Vietnamese people, for their short-term personal interests, have supported and covered foreign corporations - which are international traders full of money and rich in tricks to make profit out of thse lack of information, ignorance, and misery of the Vietnamese people. That I lost VND 3 billion to VND 409 million means Vietnam lost USD 158,000 out of the national border. Many people, many businesses in Vietnam and the state budget of Vietnam have also suffered similar lost. Not only we are losing money to foreign entities, but we are also losing at home because justice is distorted by lawyers and judges like this. I am responsible for clarifying this case so that the National Assembly can consult Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh and supervise the trial, and at the same time, promote the Vietnamese legal protection agency to clarify this case. and other deals that cheated money from the state budget and the people of Vietnam.

Why can someone like me be fooled so seriously? How could they cheat with methods and tricks? Apart from me, have they cheated anyone else?

•    Based on what evidence and what laws did I request to consider disciplining lawyers and handling criminal cases of these judges and grandparents?

•    Let's see the next chapter to clarify the problems.

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